Datum toevoeging: 30-08-2016 Billy Cook "How it's Made"

Always wanted to take a look behind the scenes ,we make it happen and take you on a tour at the Billy Cook Saddle company . 

Billy Cook born in 1930 is a legendary saddlemaker and true craftsman who started making saddles in 1946 at the age 16. Billy Cook has been making saddles for the past 69 years and still does .Billy Cook saddlery is known fore his quality western saddles for all disciplines, tack , strapgood & harness. All products are handmade in USA ,with the best materials and with true craftsmanship.

In this guided tour video Billy Cook Saddlery opens his doors to show you "How it's made ".Arthur's Westernstore is selling Billy Cook saddles & tack for 25 years and Arthur will be your guide in this tour . The video is in English & Dutch language.