Arthur's Westernstore is known for its extensive range with the latest products and techniques. Arthur's is also known for there expertise with saddlefitting .Our saddlefitting can be done on location or on site at our facillity in Vorstenbosch. We offer several options  in our saddlefitting program 
*Appontment on location 
This options gives our customers the benefit that the horse doesn't need to be transported, for a lot of customers this is a concern less, because of transport or age of horse. The negative point for saddlefitting on location is that we can only bring a certain amount of saddles to the specific location. On this page you can fill in a saddlefitting appointment form to provide us with the neccesary information about your horse and your option wishes  for your future saddle to be. With this information we will make a selection of saddles to bring. A saddlefitting appointment is location is a free of charge service and only for new saddles. 
For used saddles you are more than welcome at our location in Vorstenbosch,NL
*Saddlefitting appointment in Vorstenbosch with Saddle pressure analyse system 
The Saddle pressure analyse is available for everyone and on appointment only and will be done regarding General sale and payments conditions of Arthurs Western B. V.
The price for a Saddle pressure analyses is € 100.--

The flexible Saddle pad enables you to capture the pressure distribution on the horses back. 

The complex interaction of forces between horse, saddle and rider is measured during relevant motion phases or while standing. For subsequent analysis with the  software. It becomes apparent in which phases of motion and where under the saddle undesirable pressure peaks occur. The distribution of weight from the rider can be easily shown. 

The combination of the wireless saddle pressure measurement and synchronized video recording enables You to evaluate the pressure distribution and posture in motion. Thus a clear picture arises of how the force distribution changes, if e.g. the horse switches from slow trott to gallop. 

Together with the influences of speed and the weight of the rider the riding technique affects the pressure distribution and can be analyzed. 

The objectified pressure measurement under the saddle with the anatomically formed medilogic saddle pad serves to control and optimization. Thus the medilogic measurement system offers the saddle maker an excellent tool to check and document his work. For the rider the system offers feedback concerning the riding style. The analysis of localized pressure peaks is based on 446 Sensores placed under the horses saddle.

The fit of a saddle can be optimized but it is also possible to judge and optimize the style of riding if necessary 

For more info about this technique, please contact us For trainers or training stalls it is possible to make a saddle pressure analyse for several saddles on location for more info please contact Anoeska v Osch Tel. 0031650204701


To create a good vision of the horse's exterior and the reason that we can only bring a certain amount of saddles to appointments on locaction .It is important to us to send us some quality made pictures of the horse and that the pictures are made on the right angles.To create good pictures it is important  that the horse is clean, in a square position and standing on solid ground. 

Every new saddle comes with  a neopreen cicnh, and saddlecover. All saddles en saddle accesoires or any other riding equipment are sold under general sale conditions  of Arthur's Western Store wich you can find on our customer service page .

* Saddlefitting conditions. 

We handle a few general conditions for saddlefitting:

*The horse for wich the saddle is needed has to be saddlebroke ,in good health and condition and under no surcumstances under veterinarian treatment , osteopathic treatment or any other treatments of this kind. 

*The horse for wich the saddle is needed is not in foal or lacting a foal.

*The horse for wich the saddle is needed is not castrated shortly in event of saddlefitting.

*We take great care of our quality products  and it is a mandatory that the horse for wich the saddle is needed is clean  for protection and hygienics of our new products.

*During a saddlefitting in Vorstenbosch we are in a luxurious position to use the indoor arena of Burgmeijer QH, in this arena are frequently trainings session being held, possibly also during a saddlefitting session. Therefore we kinldy ask you to respect the houserules of Burgmeijer QH And to respect the other riders in the arena. *At Burgmeijer QH it is a mandatory to wear a safety helmet in the arena .

*Payment and delivery conditions.

Payment of saddles must take place at time of delivery, with saddlefitting on locaction we only except cash payment .  Saddlefitting in Vorstenbosch payment can be done in cash, with bank card or credit card.  All saddles en saddle accesoires or any other riding equipment are sold under general sale conditions  of Arthur's Western Store wich you can find on our customer service page .

By filling in de saddlefitting appointment form your request for a saddlefitting appointment will be send to us by email. We will handle your request for a saddlefitting appointment and your personal wishes with great care and will contact you as soon as possible. It is also possible to contact us by phone. 




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