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Nupafeed MAH Calming Syringe

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  • The only horse calmer containing MAH
  • Provides exceptional absorption for better results
  • Does not disrupt pH balance or hinder the absorption of other nutrients
  • LGC Screened and suitable for competition under all rules including FEI and BHA
  • No drowsy ingredients

 MAH Concentrated Syringes

MAH Calming Syinges can be used alone or in conjunction with the liquid.

When used alone, most horses require two syringes. One is given three hours before the onset of stress, the second is given an hour and a half before.

For some horses a single syringe is enough, but it is best to start with two syringes so that you have a good bench mark.

Horses on the liquid can be put back on the loading amount in the lead up to competition or time of stress. They then usually just need a single MAH Concentrated Syringe given an hour and a half before stress.

Small ponies can be given a half Syringe in place of a full.