During Arthur's Christmas Sale XXL we will handle house rules

*There will be camera security and door security, steeling or any other unexceptable or uncorrect behavior we will contact police directly. 

*Maneg L'avenir, Burgmeijer QH & Arthur's Westernstore will not be responsible for loss, damage or any other kind of damage on our property. 

*No dogs allowed (accept our own dogs)

*No smoking in Arthur's Westernstore or Burgmeijer QH barn Area . 

*No drinks or food allowed in Arthur's Westernstore or Burgmeijer QH barn 

*No large handbags allowed they can be left safely in the safety lockers wich are free of carge or behind the cash register desk.

* We kindly ask customers with strollers to not bring strollers inside the store to protect safety of the childeren and our other customers .

*Products sold in sale cannot be returned and do not carry any guarantee.(Accept on saddles) 

*Products cannot be orderd online and it is not possible to make reservations on sale products .

*Sale prices will only be during Christmas sale  

* Our Arthur's team will do there best to help all customers the best way possible  and with the best advice.During sale days we ask your respect  and patience for our team on peak hours.

* Please note that the sale days can be very overwelming for childeren.We will handle children with great respect but also expect correct parental control .

Team Arthur's Westernstore

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