Regulations during Arthur's Christmas sale 2023

During Arthur's Christmas Sale we apply special safety rules during the sale days.

These rules are for everyone's safety, both for Team Arthur's and our visitors. We assume our general house rules are respected by everyone who enters the facillity grounds, the store, barn and canteen.

Team Arthur's will take great care for implementation of these rules used by all visitors. If a visitor does not respect these rules, we will rely on our door policy.


  • In case of health problems such as frequent coughing, breathing problems, fever, running nose, sneezing, sore throat, sudden loss of smell or taste, stay at home and plan your visit on a other day.
  • Regulations require we respect everyone and keep a respectfull dicstance from people. 
  • Prevent traffic jam.
  • Do not unpack products unnecessarily.
  • Give Team Arthur's members space to work safely without compromising our customer service.
  • Payment options are cash, pin, credit card.
  • It is mandatory to use a shopping basket upon arrival. 
  • For a saddle fitting appointment, please contact us:

By telephone or whatsapp with tel. Arthur +31651269094 or Anoeska +31650204701 email:

General House Rules

During Arthur's Christmas Sale, the following general house rules are strictly observed:


  • Possibility for bag check
  • We have an advanced camera system and theft will be reported to the police immediately.
  • Unacceptable behavior of any kind will be immediately reported to the police at all times.
  • Arthur's Western Store & Burgemeijer QH are not liable for theft, accident or any form of damage or injury on the premises.
  • Dogs are not allowed at Arthur's Westernstore & Burgmeijer QH
  • No smoking in the shop, stables, bar and restrooms.
  • No food and drinks allowed in the store.
  • No large bags allowed in the store, storage can be done safely in the free of charge safety lockers at the entrance of the store.
  • No large coats or coats with large pockets in the store.
  • During sale days we ask for your understanding not to bring strollers, of course it is possible to park strollers in front of the entrance of the store. This is to preserve the safety of small children and other visitors.
  • During sale days it can be quite overwhelming for children, we try to take care of this as much as possible, assuming to expect parents to use proper parental controls so that other customers do not suffer from this.
  • Items purchased during the sale are not covered by our warranty and may not be exchanged or returned. (saddles excluded)
  • Products reservations of sale products is not possible.
  • Discounts only apply during the Christmas sale.


Arthur's team would like to serve everyone as best as possible with information and help, we hope for your understanding and respect for our team.

Saddles fitting during these days are possible on appointment only.
For a saddle fitting appointment, please contact Arthur tel. +31651269094 or Anoeska +31650204701

Arthur's Western Store.
We wish you and your family a great holliday season with health, love, happines.

Arthur & Anoeska v Osch 

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