21th edition Arthur's Christmas Sale XXL

This edition "XXL" will stand for eXtra eXtra Long, which means that we extand the duration of our annual sale throughout the period of December 9-31. Our sale will take place acoording our general house rules and regulations. Together we can end the year with a amazing Arthur's Christmas Sale XXL edition no.21.

Arthur's Christmas Sale XXL 2022 will be in a different format than the previous editions and will be as followed:

ACS XXL 2022 is 21 days of shopping fun. 

Open 9 to 31 December, open 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday.

Opening hours are 10am to 5pm

December 25 + 26 closed.

December 31 Open 10am to 3pm


In order to guarantee safety as much as possible, during these days we work with a safety door policy.
To enter Arthur's Westernstore every visitor needs to be aware of our general house rules, general sale agreement & privacy policy of Arthur's Westernstore.

For more info info@westernstore.nl tel. Arthur +31650204701 or Anoeska tel: +31651269094

Saddle fitting Because a saddle fitting session takes time and we would like to provide our customers with the correct information and the perfect saddle for the horse and rider, we also offer this service by appointment during the Christmas sale days. This service applies to both, new and used saddles and saddle trade in is optional. For saddle fitting appointment you can contact us by email or telephone so we can schedule your appointment.

Our Arthur's Team is looking forward to these days and if together we respect the safety regulations and the general house rules, we can ensure that a shopping experience & socializing is possible without unsocial behaviour or endangering health and hope to welcome you in December.

We keep a close eye on COVID-19 updates, when neccesary and accordingly to changes in regulations our general house rules and door policy wil be adjusted.

Arthur & Anoeska v Osch

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