DeluxAlicious candles & More

Arthur's Westernstore doesn't carry standard collections.
To let our customers bring this special feeling  home, we have put together a wide range of beautiful lifestyle products.
At Arthur's Westernstore you will find a beautiful high quality and luxurious line of scented candles from Voluspa  Candles in the most delicious scents. Fantastic in your home, company, office or for decoration at your event. But also great to give as a gift to someone special.

Not only are the scented candles fantastic, the stylish vessels or tins in different styles are true eye-catchers and can be reused for all kinds of purposes when the candle is burned, such as home decoration, kitchen, bathroom or office, for example storage jars, or  flowere bowls.

Luxury for life is Voluspa's motto. Separate and exotic scents in great design with an extravagant and chic look.
Traci and Troy Artsen founded the scented candle brand Voluspa Candles in 1999. Together they have a common goal,  bringing pure luxury candles on the market, with everything from the candle to the packaging being thought through. The story all started in their own kitchen where they finished the candles with their own stove. After inventing the first scents and "wax blends" she brought the candles from their own kitchen to their first Voluspa store. Voluspa is now known worldwide and the candles are bought by several celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria.