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Vorstenbosch, Netherlands

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Tel.Store +31(0) 413-353395


Rabobank Bernheze

Arthur' Western B.V


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KVK nr: 17111810



Return form




Satisfied customers are a high priority at Arthur's Western 


  • For all returns please fill in the return form ,and print it and enclose the return form along with merchandise in a well sealed box. 
  • it is mandatory at delivery to inspect the ordered product on damages and quality.
  • In case of damage or quality problems  it is mandatory to contact  Arthur's western B.V. within 7 working days  after receivement of product.
  • In case a product purchased at Arthur's Western B.V does not match the requirements of quality , Arthur's Western B.V. has the possibillity  to exchange the product by returns or banktransfer the value amount of money of the product returned.
  • Arthur's Western B.V. is not responsable for wrong use or missabuse of products purchased at Arthur's Western B.V .
  • Arthur's Western not responsable for product which come in sizes due to the fact that humans and animals are life beings and  changes in overall condition can have effect on muscelar and exterior condition .

Orders / Communication

Arthur's Western B.V is not responsable for miscommunication, damages, delays on orders because of use of internet or other  communication options  in mail traffic between Arthur's Western and the customer or a third party which can have infuance on delivery of the order .