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"I have thought long and hard about the bits brought to you in this outstanding collection. Now, I would like to share with you some of the most treasured items in my Private Collection! The bits you will find in this Private Collection are inspired by some of the bits that many of the greatest bit makers of our time have created. Most of these legendary craftsman are no longer with us and their works of art are becoming harder and harder to find. Each of the pieces is numbered and only 150 of each bit will be offered. I hope you will enjoy your piece of history as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you.

Made by Eduardo Grijalva (1914-1994), this short-shanked bit is called the The Silk Sail Bit". 

Red Cantleberry, a renowned horseman and bit collector, asked his friend Jack McDaniels from Phoenix, Arizona to order this bit in the early 70s as it was popular with the East Coast judges at American Quarter Horse Association Shows. Bob always admired this bit and Cynthia Cantleberry was gracious enough to allow him to put it in the private collection. 

The beauty of this bit is that it looks like the grazer bits that the judges from back East were familiar with, but has a unique mouthpiece: a frog mouth and small, individual copper rollers (unlike a barrel or cricket) that the horses can play with without making any noise. Though it is a small bit, it is made of thick steel which provides a little bit of weight and makes it very well balanced.

It was worn by AQHA Champion, Silk Sail, throughout her career. She had a very good mouth and just took to it. It was also the bit that all of her sisters used; AQHA World Champion Silk Worm, AQHA World Top 10 Im a Silky Too, AQHA Superior Western Pleasure Horse and AQHA Super Horse Runner Up, Silk Classic.

AVPC-253 Port: 2, Mouth: 5, Cheek: 7 _