Traditional set Equissage Pulse Digital Black

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Equissage Pulse Digital is not just for horses that are injured, used daily; it can maintain your horse’s performance. No matter what the discipline, Equissage Pulse will have a positive impact on the time spent with your horse, ensuring you make the most of every minute.The Equissage pulse digital pad comes with a guarantee certificate.

The Equissage Pulse digital backpad set includes :

  • 1 Equissage Pulse digital Pad.
  • 2 Equissage Pulse Lithium-ion  Battery.
  • 1 Equissage Pulse EU battery charger.
  • 1 battery powered hand unit .
  • 1 Leg boot.
  • Equissage Pulse transport bag.
  • Equissage manual and instructions for use.